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Optometry Instruments and Optician Equipment - Large Order Discounts

We can offer individuals/groups/companies a discount if they need to buy in larger quantities. For a quote, tel/fax/email us with your order.


Optom Shop recognises that all optometry students will need certain equipment in their refraction clinics at university and/or in pre-reg, so we are happy to offer them a discount.

If you're a student at university, all you need to do is get together with others in your class to buy as a group and you can receive a discount. The bigger the order, the bigger the discount!
Failing that, you can always buy individually at normal prices as we are one of the lowest priced suppliers as it is. The above offer is simply to give you an alternative if it works out better for you.

The following is a suggested list of items we sell that students will most likely need and use on a regular basis: binocular confirmation flipper (0.25 & 0.50), two lens twirl (0.25 & 0.50), cross cylinder (0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00), universal trial frame, kid's trial frame, Direct Ophthalmoscope, 20 base prism, occluder, prism bar set.

Once you have an idea of quantity, for a quote: tel/fax/email us with your order, university attended, name and GOC student registration number. Thanks.

Tel +44 (0)7515789661 Fax +44 (0)870 838 1365 ::